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Say yes to organic, say yes to your community.

Yes! Organic Market is a family-owned local grocery chain offering fresh, natural and organic foods. We are committed to bringing healthy food options to underserved areas and have stores in six unique neighborhoods of DC and one in Hyattsville, MD. We aim to provide you with an exceptional experience through our customer service, store environment and product selection.


For over 40 years, Yes! Organic Market has been serving the Washington, DC community. Under the original name, Yes! Food Shop opened on 31st Street in Georgetown in 1970 with a passion for natural living.


In 1988, Yes! relocated to Cleveland Park and was renamed "Yes! Natural Gourmet." It was the first supermarket-style natural foods store in DC and emphasized foods for healthy living instead of concentrating on nutritional supplements. In 1989, Yes! introduced 5¢ off at this location for bringing in your own bags, “going green” a full 20 years before it was mandated by DC law.

Expansion began in 1992 and continued to the current six locations in the District of Columbia and one in Hyattsville, MD. Throughout the years, the focus of Yes! has remained that of a neighborhood market, with each location responsive to the needs of the community it serves through customer service, special product requests, charitable contributions and community support.

We remain a locally owned, family-operated company, and are proud to serve Washington, DC.


Location & Phone

Petworth: 4100 Georgia Ave NW 202-291-5790

14th St: 2123 14th St NW 202-232-6603

Adams Morgan: 1825 Columbia Rd NW202-462-2069

Brookland: 3809 12th St NE 202-832-7715

Cleveland Park: 3425 Connecticut Ave NW 202-363-1559

Capitol Hill: 410 8th St SE 202-546-4325

Hyattsville: 5331 Baltimore Ave Suite 101  (301) 779-1205


Everyday, 7 AM-10 PM




What's happening at Yes! Market?

Yes! has always cared for the environment. First we offered a 5-cent discount for bringing your own bags before it was DC law, and now we're expanding our efforts to green-energy. We installed solar panels at our location in Brookland, and will be installing them on all stores possible in the near future.


New Roof at Brookland Yes! Market


Front of store.jpg

Make a statement

We are now running on green energy at the Brookland store! Come and shop, knowing that your consumer dollar is supporting the environment, as well as the local economy.


Solar Panels

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our dependence on fossil fuel. Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.


Want to Join the Flock?


We're always looking for hard working, enthusiastic candidates with an interest in natural foods. To apply, please complete our online application. You may also download an application and drop it off at any of our locations. 


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Yes! Organic Market is always looking for new products, especially if you are a local company! We review potential new products based on their quality and pricing, and take into account our current selection and customer interest. All items should be free of artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. We give preference to items that are local to us, certified organic, and/or are non-GMO certified.

Please complete the following form, if we are interested in your product we will contact you to set up a meeting or receive samples.

Please be green and do not send unsolicited samples to our stores!