Organic for Good Health...but Not Just Yours


Cool weather is coming! According to a study done in 2015, cold weather can reduce our body’s immune defense against viral invaders (specifically, in your nasal region…). So, our first suggestion is to cover your nose and stay warm to increase your chance of preventing sickness in the first place.

If you want to boost your immune system, you must stay healthy! This means

  • eating plenty of fruits and vegetables

  • reducing alcohol consumption and smoking habits

  • getting enough sleep and exercise

  • and of course, washing your hands.

Here at Yes! Organic, we offer healthy fruit and vegetable options free of chemical or synthetic pesticides for you to stay healthy all year. This not only keeps you healthy, but also those who pick your food.

Cold weather isn’t the only thing that can cause health problems.

We envision a future where no one has to risk their health so that others may eat well. Field-workers, and those who handle our food, are at higher risk of short and long term health concerns. Even low amounts of pesticide exposure over time can lead to chronic health issues like neurological disorders, hormonal and reproductive health problems, birth defects and infertility.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 10,000-20,000 farmworkers are poisoned on the job due to pesticide exposure each year. We care about making a more health-conscious food industry, and want to make sure that those who provide the food on our tables are in good health all year long. This is why we focus on organic produce as much as possible—because we not only want you to be healthy, but we want those who provide your food to be healthy as well.

We do our best to invest in local, organic and small-farm options for our customers. This way, you always know where your food comes from, and how it got to your table.

Buying organic is investing in a better future for everyone.