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Please note that selection and availability may vary by location.

In addition to the sales flyer, we have a number of weekly and monthly sales advertised in store at each location.

Weekly Produce Specials

March 20th - March 25th

Organic Asparagus - $3.99 Lb.

Organic Green Kale - $1.99 Ea.

Organic Baby Carrots - $1.69 Lb.

Organic Driscoll Blackberries - $3.99 Ea.

Organic Bartlett Pears - $1.99 Lb.

Organic Fuji Apples - $2.49 Lb.

Organic Salad Dressings - $4.99 Bottle

Organic Blood Oranges - $2.99 Lb.

Organic Young Thai Coconuts - $3.99 Ea.


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